Chrysalis – A truly unique design always starts with a magnificent stone for inspiration and if you let it, the rest of the creation will follow.
Tyger Tyger – A breathtaking and glamorous ladies fan, inspired by the themes of beauty, a wild-spirit, glamour and mystery. 18 hours of design work. 225 hours of handcrafting.
Four Seasons Cuff – The ‘Four Seasons Cuff’ is a multi-functional wrist cuff with four panels. It also incorporates natural coloured pink, blue, green, yellow, golden, cognac, champagne and orange diamonds to represent the colours, climate and moods of spring, summer, autumn and winter. Each panel can also be slid out and worn separately as a pendant
Liquid love – A sculptural piece of jewellery that is feminine yet strong, bold yet sensual. The necklace elegantly represents the name itself – liquid love.
Continuum – Symbolising the smooth, deliberate and continuous energy, which comes from the Earth encapsulated in the infinity symbol. Entirely crafted by hand in 18ct Platinum/Palladium white gold, ‘Continuum’ features a round brilliant cut diamond of the finest quality
The ‘Truth Love Desire’ creation is a three-tiered necklace uses natural blue, pink and yellow diamonds to signify a strong message - blue is truth, pink represents love and yellow, desire. Each word (truth, love, desire) is also cleverly, yet discretely written throughout each tier.