All Love Is Equal: Celebrating Love Between All Couples

During this momentous time in Australia’s history, we are immensely proud to introduce the All Love Is Equal Campaign. Based on the principles of love, empowerment and hope, we invite all Australians to celebrate and support Marriage Equality, featuring real Australian same sex couples in our campaign to eloquently amplify the message of equality.

As passionate supporters and vocal advocates of Marriage Equality, we first launched our collection of Marriage Equality Rings in 2014, receiving a huge outpouring of public support. In the run up to the conclusion of the Australian Marriage Equality Vote, we are reaffirming our dedication to this cause with our All Love Is Equal Campaign.

“I want the younger generation to know that their love is just as important as everyone else’s. Everyone deserves to be treated with the same amount of respect and dignity. This is the essence of what we want to represent with this campaign.” – Nadia Neuman.

We have captured candid and intimate snapshots from the lives of an array of LGBTQI couples who wish to grow old together in a society that values and respects them. We are showcasing and supporting the loving relationships between these couples, who deserve the right to legally marry their partners and live in a diverse society that affords equal rights to all of its citizens. We invited everyday Australians to take part in this campaign, to show how the outcome of this vote affects the lives of people from all walks of life.

This campaign is also a personal campaign for Nadia and the team here at Mondial, given that she is not able to legally marry her partner in the company of family and friends under the current law.

“The message of All Love Is Equal is vital , as everyone needs to feel that their love is just as important as everyone else’s. I hope the campaign will help Same Sex couples feel accepted and understood within our diverse Australian community. Everyone has the right to grow old with the person they love, without judgement and discrimination.” - Nadia Neuman

Along with this, we will donate 10% of sales from our collection of Wedding Bands to the highly respected charity headspace, an organisation that works tirelessly to support the mental health of young Australians. Through this carefully considered collaboration we wish to ensure Australian youth have the opportunity to discuss their own situation and mental health, in a safe, judgement-free environment, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender.

“Everyone should be treated equally. We want to see love co-exist and headspace is a natural alignment to help those struggling with the lack of constitutional equality many are afforded. I want young members of the LGBTQI community to feel supported and proud of who they are, able to access the help they may need. Headspace is a vital organisation that helps those struggling with depression, feelings of anxiety and lack of self-worth due to amongst other things, the inequality inherent in the lack of government support for marriage equality.” – Nadia Neuman.

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We would like to thank the following individuals for their participation in this campaign, we couldn’t have done it without you!

Photographer: Frank Farrugia – Same Love Photography:

Producer: Jo Butler and Merissa Lennon – Platinum Media & Communications:

Videographer: Campbell Drummond - CNC Film factory:

Hair & Makeup Artist: Gino Balestra – Freelance Artist


Zac Ahrens

Stuart Baker

Daniel Cater

Mark Davies

Tim Dormer

Veronica Eulate

Louise Helliwell

Marc Innemee

Nicole Kersh

Andrew Little

Natalie Macken

Jonathon Mavin

Veronica Newman

Brett Ogden

Dean Omeros

Tracy Paul

David Pieper

Lucy Taylor

Trevor Torrance

Ash Toweel

Mitch Spooner

Suzie Wright

Tyson Young

Exquisite Gems: Discover Vibrant, Colourful Pieces by Nadia

Colourful jewellery has been delighting and enchanting people since the beginning of time. With each stone being unique and an almost endless variety of different colours to choose from, we constantly find ourselves in awe of the exquisite beauty of bold, colourful gemstones.

Brightly coloured gemstones are truly one of nature’s most beautiful creations and when it comes to creating one-of-a-kind artisan pieces in our boutique, beautiful, vibrant stones present themselves as a constant source of inspiration for our design process.

Each gem has a story of its own and a distinct personality, therefore different gemstones can help you to communicate your individuality through your jewellery. Our Yellow Sapphire is a great example of this, emulating an aura of happiness through its warm golden yellow hue. This ring’s classic design was inspired by the timeless charm of engagement rings, conveying elegance with its delicate aesthetic.

While Blue Sapphires have traditionally been the most popular variety of this stone, yellow has increased in popularity due to its bright, crisp colour and cheerful ambience. Along with this, Yellow Sapphires are a wonderful option for those who wish to delve into the world of vibrant gemstones and experiment with colour, without having to commit to the greater investment of a coloured diamond.

We achieved this beautifully with our stunning Emerald dress ring. Featuring a vivid green Afghan Emerald, this particular gemstone’s bright colour makes it truly exceptional. Its magnificent colour and shape is further emphasised by channel set baguette cut diamond and carre cut diamonds, creating a truly mesmerising visual.

Colombia is well known for producing some of the world’s high quality splendid emeralds. However, in recent years, Afghanistan has also emerged as a destination for finding magnificent Emeralds, with vast deposits being found in the country’s mountain ranges. Our Emerald Dress Ring showcases the remarkable beauty of Afghan Emeralds, which are expected to increase in popularity in the coming years.

An array of gorgeous coloured gems can also be found right here in Australia. For hundreds of years, Australia has been providing the world with opulent Sapphires, at one point producing around 70% of the world’s supply.

A home-grown coloured treasure that we absolutely adore, is our divine Parti Sapphire Ring. Parti Sapphires are a type of multi-toned Sapphire only found here in Australia. Due to their rarity, most Parti Sapphires are quite small. What sets this ring apart is the size of the Sapphire, which is impressively large for a Parti Sapphire, while still retaining a high-quality cut.

The unique colour of Parti Sapphires distinguish them from other varieties of Sapphire, combining blue, yellow and green tones within one gem. This particular deep bluish-green gem has a slightly softer cushion cut, which demanded we complement it with a halo of white diamonds.

Coloured gemstones never fail to captivate our imagination, which is why we love them so much and enjoy using them to create breathtaking jewellery for our customers. For more inspiration on beautiful colourful pieces, follow us on Instagram where we share an array of our spectacular pieces each week.

Modern Romance: Explore Contemporary Wedding Bands

Finding a wedding band that perfectly represents the eternal love between you and your partner takes time and effort. For modern couples seeking a contemporary wedding band that will reflect their personal style for years to come, there are a few key considerations to keep in mind.

Opulent bands in all shapes and sizes have been increasing in popularity in recent years, particularly among women. For those seeking a band with intricate details that will exude charm and sophistication, a thinner embellished band is a wonderful option. Delicate, feminine and organic bands are perfect for stacking with other rings for a refined, elegant look.

Many modern couples seek an understated, subtle way to match their wedding bands. While in the past, couples have traditionally chosen bands that are exact replicas of one another, it is possible to match your bands in a more discreet manner, so that both of your personal styles are showcased.

If one of you desires a thinner band and the other prefers wider pieces, simply match your bands by choosing the same metal or same coloured gemstones. You can also match your wedding bands by choosing the same style, but selecting different coloured diamonds or gemstones, based on your individual preferences.

Couples who desire a traditional wedding band, but also wish to incorporate a subtle contemporary element can embellish their band with coloured gems or two-toned metals to ensure they make a sophisticated statement.

If you desire a simple band, but wish to add some extra detail, consider engraving the inside of your band with a word or your partner’s name. Adding a matching diamond or gemstone to the inside of your band is another way to bring a secret, personalised touch that is only known to you and your partner. If you wish to subtly embellish the outside of your band, perhaps consider a hand engraved motif. This is perfect for those who want their band to be a simple as possible, but wish to add a low-key element of personalisation that will make their ring truly unique.

Remember, it’s important to try on as many different rings as possible, you may end up falling in love with something you hadn’t even thought about!

If you’d like to view our collection of stunning wedding bands, contact the boutique today to get started on your journey towards finding the perfect ring.

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