Discover The Largest Collection Of Wedding Bands In Australia

If you are on the hunt for the perfect pair of wedding bands, look no further than our cosy little boutique. Home to Australia’s largest collection of wedding bands, we offer our customers a vast assortment of styles to choose from and have something special and unique to suit everyone’s individual tastes!

Boasting approximately 300 wedding band styles in our collection and an additional 200 versions of those styles, we craft each piece to last for an eternity. If you’re going to be wearing something forever, it’s important that it’s comfortable – so we design our wedding bands to be beautiful, durable and enjoyable to wear. Wedding bands are a symbol of lifelong commitment to another person and are supposed to be passed through the generations, thus durability and wearability is hugely important to me.

Along with this, when we were developing our collection, I wanted to include a wide variety of unique and unconventional designs, so that we could offer something to everyone and include the tastes and styles that appeal to people from all walks of life.

When it comes to designing the bands in our collection, I maintain an emphasis on simplicity and quality. Wedding bands should be beautifully made with the highest quality materials, but they do not necessarily have to be extravagant in their design. It’s what they mean and represent to the wearer that makes them special. The true beauty of wedding bands is their symbolism; a piece of jewellery with no beginning or end, just like the unconditional love between a couple.

However, often my customers desire a means of subtly personalising their wedding bands. Engravings, hidden stones or even incorporating metals from an heirloom piece are excellent ways to achieve a simple touch of personalisation and gives our customers the opportunity to combine trend and tradition. The beauty of custom design is that you can rest assured that your wedding band is truly unique and one-of-a-kind!

While wedding band style trends are constantly evolving, zirconium and precious metals are particularly popular for men at the moment. I generally find that men are more focused on comfort and simplicity, as they are unaccustomed to wearing a ring everyday.

For those women who wish to divert from conventional bands, we also create beautiful wedding bands using fancy shaped diamonds and intricate details.

Most women’s wedding band choice is greatly influenced by their engagement ring style, as they want to ensure that they compliment each other.

Whether you and your partner are seeking a bold and modern or a minimal and dainty wedding band design, make sure you visit our beautiful boutique in Sydney’s iconic Strand Arcade to discover Australia’s largest collection of wedding bands!

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The Truth Revealed: Sapphires Are Not Only Blue

Sapphires are considered highly coveted precious gemstones in all corners of the globe, but what surprises most people is that these magnificent stones actually come in a spectrum of vibrant colours.

All Sapphires are made from the mineral corundum and the beauty of corundum is that it presents itself in a wide range of colours including black, pink, purple, orange, yellow and green. In fact, corundum comes in every colour under the sun and all colours are referred to as Sapphires except red corundum, which is actually Ruby.

In the past, the most gorgeous Sapphires could also be found in Burma and Kashmir, however these mines do not produce the same quality of stones that were found there during the 1920s to 1950s.

Most of the Sapphires we work with at the boutique come from Sri Lanka, home of the world’s finest quality and most beautiful Sapphires currently available. The depth, colour and intensity of Sri Lankan Sapphires is truly outstanding.

Any ‘fancy’ coloured Sapphire looks magnificent when set with white diamonds to complement the intensity of their colour, add contrast and give the sapphire even more brilliance. Depending on the tones and hue, I love experimenting with setting Sapphires in different coloured metals. Even when making white gold or platinum jewellery, we find introducing very small elements of rose or yellow gold details into a piece tends to bring out the warmth in the stone.

Another wonderful thing about Sapphires is that they are exceptionally durable, meaning that they can be worn everyday and still retain their quality over time. This is one of the reasons why Sapphires are great stones to consider for engagement rings and any other piece that gets worn regularly.

I’ve been asked many times which Sapphire colour is my favourite and in all honesty, it’s very hard to choose between these beautiful stones. I am particularly fond of a very rare fuchsia sapphire we have in the boutique and I look forward to meeting the customer who falls in love with this stone.

I’ve always found it very hard to choose my favourite coloured sapphire as each has their beauty and appeal, but one of the most spectacular and striking varieties is the Parti Sapphire, which is an incredible mixture of green and gold.

I also love black sapphires because unlike black diamonds, black sapphires are completely natural, with an impressive lustre. Black sapphires are very striking and hard wearing and look incredible against a backdrop of diamonds.

Whether you desire a classic blue sapphire or wish to enter the realm of eye-catching pinks, purples, greens and yellows, there’s a sapphire out there to suit everyone’s taste and style.

As long as your piece is well made, you can be assured that due to the quality and durability of your beautiful sapphire piece, it will stand the test of time and last for generations to come.

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