Our Story

Mondial: A Sparkling Family Affair

The Mondial story began in 1962, when Fred Neuman and his wife Maria, opened a jewellery store called Carina Jewellers on Darlinghurst Road, East Sydney. Fred was a jeweller with an uncanny knack for pre-empting fashion and Maria, who later went on the study gemmology, brought creative flair to the business. Carina became a landmark Sydney store in the ‘60’s and early ‘70’s for people looking for something different and jewellery inspired by the latest fashions from Europe. When Elton John (not yet “sir”) was looking for a Valentine’s Day gift for his future wife, Renata, he chose a Diamond Heart Pendant from Carina.

In the ‘70’s the family shifted their focus to jewellery wholesaling, and relocated to Telford House at 300 George Street, Sydney, establishing Neuman Imports, a business which was to become synonymous with top quality jewellery throughout the Australian trade. During this time, the Neumans developed a love of coloured gems, which they began to source in South East Asia, and regularly visited Europe to explore the latest trends in jewellery manufacture and design. Our pride has always been in selecting the highest quality gems for our stock, and providing the best value and service to our clients.

While Fred Neuman is still an integral part of the business – particularly when it comes to selecting and purchasing rare diamonds through his local and international network of dealers built up over 50 years – the QVB (Queen Victoria Building) store is co-managed by his son Michael and cousin Jacob Neuman.

The Family would love to help you acquire your own special Pink diamond - it's what they are here for and why they have the largest selection of rare, natural pink diamonds available to the public anywhere in the world. The Family are passionate about pinks and enjoy nothing better than sharing they knowledge with they clients. Pink is the colour of passion, of uniqueness, and of unconditional love. 

In Mondial, you will find that the Neuman family are genuine and knowledgeable and that our warm and informal approach is aimed at making visitors to the QVB Pink Diamond Gallery feel welcome.