Nadia Neuman

It is only fitting that the story of how MONDIAL was founded is a Romantic one -

In the 1950’s, Fred Neuman was travelling around Australia as a Jewellery wholesaler. Whilst on these trips, he would always purchase a beautiful piece of Jewellery as a gift for his wife, Maria.

This charming act of love led to Fred and Maria opening their first Jewellery store together. “Carina Jewellers” opened in 1961 in Kings Cross, with the 12 items of jewellery that Fred had bought for Maria as their very first collection.

Today, Mondial remains a family business, with a designer boutique in the iconic ‘Strand Arcade’ and a flagship store in the historical “Queen Victoria Building”.

Fred’s daughter, Nadia is a multi-award winning designer, head designer for Mondial and manages ‘Mondial by Nadia Neuman’, which launched in late 2009, in The Strand Arcade.

Collectively, the family boasts almost 100 years experience, meaning that customers receive the best expert advice when it comes to designing and making jewellery.