Australian Gems That Pack A Punch

Australia truly is a jewellery lovers dream with such an abundance of magnificent gems to captivate the imagination. I love incorporating home grown gems in my jewellery designs, with Champagne, Cognac and Pink Argyle Diamonds, Australian Sapphires, South Sea Pearls and Opals frequently featuring in our handcrafted creations. How beautiful is it that alongside all of our unique flora and fauna, we produce spectacular and unusual gemstones that come in a superior quality and are predominantly unique to Australia.

We source all of our Australian gems from a very select few gemstone suppliers who are specialists in their fields. My parents established many of these connections over 50 years ago and these ongoing relationships ensure that we can offer our customer’s the best and highest quality stones and still remain competitively priced. This includes our Sapphire supplier who we’ve been working with for 40 years, our Opal supplier who we’ve been working with for 45 years and a number of different diamond partners and cutters who’ve been in the industry their entire lives.

While each Australian gemstone is exquisite in its own unique way, one of my favourites would have to be Champagne and Cognac Diamonds. They offer the scintillation of a diamond in a spectrum of tones and hues that can’t be found in any other gemstone and they possess timeless elegance while still being reasonably unconventional.

It’s hard to contend with the incredibly rare and exceptionally beautiful Argyle Pink Diamonds, which are considered to be the rarest and most valuable diamonds in the world. They lend themselves to delicate, classic design and look best when set alongside a sprinkling of Australian white diamonds. However, along with this, I’m also partial to the famous Australian Opal, these mesmerising stones are so incredibly different to any other stone on the planet and the design options are endless! Our classically beautiful South Sea Pearls are world-renowned and probably one of the most elegant of gems.

When it comes to the popularity of Australian gems, my customers tend to be people who desire something a little bit different, as a result I find that Parti Sapphires are very interesting stones, because they have 2 or 3 colours in the one gem. Like all Sapphires, they are second hardest to diamonds, so great to wear in engagement rings or other every-day jewellery.

For customers who are interested in designing a piece that exclusively features Australian gems, I tend to combine a bold or brightly coloured stone with White Diamonds to create contrast and enhance the beauty of the gemstone. Australian Pearls, Opals, Sapphires and Diamonds all look magnificent in their own right, but can become even more eye-catching when highlighted using White Diamonds. If I’m working with a customer who wants something a little outrageous and likes colourful jewellery, then I might combine two coloured gems in one piece.

Australia certainly is home to some of the world’s most incredible, natural gemstones. If you’re interested in creating a piece of jewellery featuring an Australian gem, make sure you’re following us on Instagram where we showcase many of our stunning one-of-a-kind designs using gems sourced and created locally.


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