Champagne and Cognac Diamonds – The Next Frontier of Must Have Gems

Cognac diamonds are a natural coloured diamond hailing from the Argyle mines of Western Australia that present themselves in an array of stunning earthy tones, making them one of my favourite stones to design with.

While the Argyle mine is best known for their rare Pink diamonds, the Argyle Cognac diamonds are among the spectrum of beautiful coloured diamonds produced by Mother Nature.

There are so many things I love about champagne and cognac diamonds, their name alone is reason enough to celebrate! What is so beautiful about these stones is that they have the scintillation and sparkle of a diamond, along with a variety of colour and tones that are not found in any other gemstone.

Another beautiful thing about cognac and champagne diamonds is that no two are the same. Aside from the weight and clarity of the stone, each diamond is graded by the strength and intensity of its colour. Each one having different tones and hues, some have flashes of orange, cinnamon, caramel, peach and the list goes on!

Depending on the lighting, you may notice that your champagne or cognac diamond changes colour from rich chocolate to soft suede. The beauty of these stones is that each champagne and cognac diamond is truly unique and unlike any other stone, which is why I love designing with them so much.

Cognac and champagne diamonds have an elegance and neutrality to them that allows you to set them in either classical, traditional jewellery or modern, contemporary designs. I also think warmer metal tones, such as rose and yellow gold bring out the very best in these beautiful gems. Surrounding them in a sprinkling of white diamonds brings out just how spectacular and unique they truly are.

On a personal level, I am particularly fond of these gorgeous stones as we, the Mondial Group, have a very long history working with them. My parents were one of the first jewellers here in Australia and around the world to incorporate them into their designs, sourcing them, along with Argyle Pink Diamonds, directly from the Argyle mines of Western Australia in the late 80’s.

With over 30 years of including champagne and cognac diamonds in our beautiful creations, we are experts in bringing out the true beauty, vibrancy and magic of these spectacular gems through our jewellery designs.

For the customer who is seeking something a little bit different, a champagne or cognac diamond piece is a wonderful option. Each stone is unique, making them extremely special and ensuring that every champagne or cognac diamond piece is personal and one of a kind.

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