Does Custom Design Cost You More?

A common question that I am often asked is whether having a custom designed piece will cost more than purchasing an existing creation already available in the boutique. The answer is simple; there is no extra charge and no difference in the price between purchasing something already made, or spending time with us designing your dream piece.

The beauty of a custom design is that it allows you to create something unique that truly represents your style and personality. If you’re wanting something truly different or have difficulty finding jewellery that suits your style, creating a custom piece will allow you to develop something special that encapsulates your individuality.

The entire design is completely up to you, everything from the shape, and colours of the stones, to the type of metals that we use. We can make a piece that is everything you’ve dreamed of and within your price range – whether that is $5,000 or $50,000; it mostly depends on the stones that you select.

You may like the look of a piece of jewellery that you see in our boutique but prefer it with a different gem or in a different setting. We can use this or anything you might bring in as the inspiration for the new design. You can also merge elements of different pieces from our boutique to create your own custom design; using whichever combination you desire. The options are quite literally endless!

That is the beauty of visiting jewellers who design their own jewellery. Many jewellers don’t make their own pieces but display jewellery that has been made elsewhere, making it difficult to curate a custom design. If you visit jewellers who create all their own, unique pieces, the sky is the limit when it comes to creating a truly custom piece that you can treasure forever. To get started on a custom piece or view our extensive collection, visit our Sydney boutique located in the iconic Strand Arcade.

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