Modern Romance: Explore Contemporary Wedding Bands

Finding a wedding band that perfectly represents the eternal love between you and your partner takes time and effort. For modern couples seeking a contemporary wedding band that will reflect their personal style for years to come, there are a few key considerations to keep in mind.

Opulent bands in all shapes and sizes have been increasing in popularity in recent years, particularly among women. For those seeking a band with intricate details that will exude charm and sophistication, a thinner embellished band is a wonderful option. Delicate, feminine and organic bands are perfect for stacking with other rings for a refined, elegant look.

Many modern couples seek an understated, subtle way to match their wedding bands. While in the past, couples have traditionally chosen bands that are exact replicas of one another, it is possible to match your bands in a more discreet manner, so that both of your personal styles are showcased.

If one of you desires a thinner band and the other prefers wider pieces, simply match your bands by choosing the same metal or same coloured gemstones. You can also match your wedding bands by choosing the same style, but selecting different coloured diamonds or gemstones, based on your individual preferences.

Couples who desire a traditional wedding band, but also wish to incorporate a subtle contemporary element can embellish their band with coloured gems or two-toned metals to ensure they make a sophisticated statement.

If you desire a simple band, but wish to add some extra detail, consider engraving the inside of your band with a word or your partner’s name. Adding a matching diamond or gemstone to the inside of your band is another way to bring a secret, personalised touch that is only known to you and your partner. If you wish to subtly embellish the outside of your band, perhaps consider a hand engraved motif. This is perfect for those who want their band to be a simple as possible, but wish to add a low-key element of personalisation that will make their ring truly unique.

Remember, it’s important to try on as many different rings as possible, you may end up falling in love with something you hadn’t even thought about!

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