Subtle Symbolism: Conveying A Message Through Your Jewellery

The true beauty in a piece of jewellery lies in the symbolism and the meaning that it embodies and the story it tells about the wearer. Whether it is subtle or something more obvious, a statement or secret, in a multitude of ways jewellery has the ability to convey intriguing details about the wearer’s style, what they are attracted to and what they hold important to them.

Similarly to outfit choices, the jewellery you wear will reflect your personal aesthetic and tastes – if you like modern or antique pieces, are attracted to a particular era and culture or prefer something that is simple, elegant and timeless. However unlike fashion, fine jewellery is a more serious and higher value purchase requiring more thought and consideration taken into every aspect of its unfolding so your treasured piece can be worn for a lifetime and passed through the generations.

Incorporating a symbolic and meaningful message throughout your jewellery can be as simple as incorporating your favourite gemstones, colours, shapes or engraved words and messages – it all comes down to what you like and whether you are trying to say a lot or nothing at all! Short engravings are a popular choice for our customers who after a more personal or secret message. We do a lot of engravings such as wedding dates and anniversaries, and we have had a customer who inscribed the latitude and longitude of his proposal on his wedding rings. Another customer requested the alignment of the stars on the night that their babies were born on – all of these requests are beautifully sentimental and incredibly meaningful to the wearer.

As jewellery and gemstones are both very emotional items that carry a lot of symbolism for the wearer, the meanings that they represent will be quite specific to the individual. Customers will often have a personal connection to particular stones, colours and shapes and this will impact how different meanings are conveyed. Sometimes this relationship will be through a family link where a customer may have fond memories of a parent or grandparent who wore jewellery of a particular style, certain gemstones or colours that they have grown up admiring or associate with that loved one. We’ve made jewellery where we have taken the diamonds out of a Great Grandmother’s brooch and made pieces for each of her 15 family members with these stones.

Jewellery is also often purchased as gifts of love or items that represent significant and meaningful moment in one’s life, such as an anniversary or birthday. Creating a piece of jewellery for someone you love or yourself is a well thought out purchase, requiring you to find the right jeweller and working with them to bring to life a beautiful miniature piece of artwork with a particular message interwoven throughout the whole piece.

The most memorable and meaningful piece that I have created are the signet rings I made for each of my family members, both here and abroad. I designed a family crest and my father, the oldest surviving family member and founder of our business, gave one to each of our 14 family members – with more to come! Through this jewellery, I am able to preserve and cherish the memories I’ve made with my family, and ensure that this legacy is carried on for years to come.

If you’d like a unique, custom-designed piece that boasts personal significance, or are looking to inject new meaning into an heirloom piece, pop into our boutique located in Sydney Strand Arcade.

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