Through the Generations: Incorporating an Heirloom Piece into a Modern Design

While heirloom jewellery is incredibly meaningful, it may sometimes simply not suit your individual style. As most of the jewellery I wear has been inherited from my mother, I am very conscious of the sentimental nature of jewellery and how important it is to keep the memories that are being passed down through a generational piece alive.

Continue to cherish your precious sentiments whilst creating new ones by redesigning an heirloom piece to give it a personal touch. Heirloom pieces can be recreated in a number of ways depending on your personal preference, whether it be making an entirely new design around a central stone or building upon the original piece. As some heirloom pieces are often of an entirely different era, redesigning the piece is a great option to ensure that the original essence is not ruined and that you get to wear something that carries the sentiment but is more suitable for your personal preference.

I love reworking heirloom pieces that customers have brought in and it is incredibly important to me that I ensure to maintain the beauty and integrity of the original piece, or at the very least pay homage to the memory of it. Usually customers like incorporating their grandparents' or parents' wedding ring into their own and we can do things like use it as an internal sleeve in their new ring, preserving original engravings and inscriptions.

As the stones themselves are often what carry the most memories, some customers will like to keep and work around the stones. For other clients we may melt down the gold from the older piece and rework it into the new piece of jewellery. This is a great option as you get to keep the old gold, as well as the memories from its previous life in a new creation that will continue to be meaningful for you. I also always like to ensure these pieces keep all stamps of original makers and personal engravings, so that the memory of the original purchase remains forever in the new piece.

Creating your own heirloom jewellery piece is another way to celebrate your family, your relationships and special moments in time. If made well, they will be preserved and continue to pass through the generations with stories to tell. I have recently designed a signet ring that bears the Neuman family crest for my whole family, both here and abroad, with the hope that it too will inherit its own sentiments and continue to live beyond us.

If you have an heirloom piece you would like to be reworked into something new or would like to create your own, visit our boutique to get the design process started!

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