Why My Customers Will Always Be My Biggest Source Of Inspiration

One of my most frequently asked questions is where the inspiration behind my creations comes from. The answer is always my customers and their unique stories that define who they are. I love working with different personalities, and the jewellery I create should be a reflection of them and their character.

Many different people walk through my boutique, from various age groups with their own personal style. My customers will always be my biggest source of inspiration because jewellery is something that is very personal and should reflect their individuality. Not only is it a method to communicate what you want to say to the world about you and your personality, but the jewellery you wear also impacts how you feel, making it an incredibly emotional purchase. Often each person has their own particular relationship with certain gemstones and colours, different designs and pieces of jewellery. I grew up with my parents having a great appreciation for incredibly unique gems, rare and exotic pieces, and essentially, beautifully made little pieces of art. My understanding and appreciation of jewellery, what it means, and what it says about the wearer, stems from that.

When it comes to designing a bespoke piece I often look towards the customers’ aesthetic. Whether they have an affinity with certain styles of jewellery, what they feel comfortable wearing, and how practical the piece has to be to fit in with their lifestyle. At Mondial by Nadia, we specialise in creating custom designs and we are very experienced when it comes to creating pieces that will speak for the individual. The customer’s personality plays a huge part in what sort of jewellery they are attracted to and what they feel comfortable wearing. Some people like to make statements with their jewellery, while others are the opposite.

My customers are always involved in the design process and often choose all elements of the design. Being involved in the creation of an important piece of jewellery is not only a fun and collaborative process, but it also allows the wearer to have a real connection to the piece. Once we have established an overall look together, I often then suggest finer details that they may not have taken into consideration. My priority is making sure I understand their needs and perhaps help them discover what they love.

It’s so important to me that my customers feel they are in capable hands, receiving quality craftsmanship and value for their money. Often customers come to understand that I know what I am doing, I love what I do, and that I get the most satisfaction out of creating beautiful pieces that make people happy. The challenge of creating something that they will love more than they could have imagined is incredibly enjoyable, exciting and satisfying.

If you’re ready to get started on your creation of your bespoke designs, contact us to make an appointment or pop into our boutique located in Sydney’s Strand Arcade and say hello!

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