Australian Marriage Equality

Founded on the principles of love, empowerment and hope, we stand with all Australians to celebrate and support marriage equality. As a group, Mondial has long been very supportive of equal marriage rights and have a cherished a growing customer base from the LGBTQI community. With jewellery holding a profoundly sentimental meaning, Nadia Neuman designed the Australian Marriage Equality Ring in 2014 as a unique and heartfelt memento and expression of support for equality.

In celebration of love and diversity, our All Love Is Equal campaign was launched in 2017 to eloquently amplify and personalise the message of equality in Australia. We created this campaign to give real Australian same sex couples a platform to voice their authentic love stories and ask their fellow citizens to recognise that their love is the same. We are proud to stand as equals alongside our friends and families and continue to close the divide between sexual stereotypes in Australia.